We provide IT and electronic security solutions, studying, supplying and implementing infrastructures that enable all companies’ IT systems to function.

Technologies (IT’s)

We offer the study and assessment of needs, project development and then supply of:

  • Equipment and hardware
  • Network deployment (analog, digital and/or fiber)
  • Network optimization
  • VPNs
  • Communication system
  • Consulting services

Electronic Security

Electronic security is carried out using electronic systems developed and installed to deter, monitor, detect and produce alarms for programmed events in order to protect people, cash, goods, installations and/or processes, whether industrial or personal. This requires a set of appropriate equipment and devices that allow all circuits and processes to be integrated.

The access control area for people, visitors, suppliers and customers is extremely important for controlling the organization’s reception and all its internal and external movements. Monitoring in these environments is carried out using a Closed Circuit TV System (CCTV), with cameras placed in strategic locations.

Equipment, devices and services

  • Video management software
  • Face recognition
  • License plate recognition and automatic registration
  • Product control on the shelf
  • People counting
  • Detection of forgotten or abandoned objects
  • Temperature control
  • Tracking
  • Monitoring people, vehicles or equipment
  • Face detection identification and control

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  • Identification and control of people in the wrong places
  • Loud sound detection
  • Crowd monitoring
  • Audio processing
  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Sabotage detection
  • ptz camera control
  • Pro retina identification
  • Fault detection
  • Face mask detector