Widely applied in the food and agri-food industry, the GMIX - Mixture Management system has been specially developed to control and manage dosing processes that depend on recipes or formulas.
GMIX guarantees significant benefits in the efficiency of the production process as well as in the quality and safety of the end product.


The Management and Control System (SGCA) ensures real-time stock management in your customers’ warehouses.
With a modern, user-friendly graphic interface, you can take advantage of all the system’s features from your workstation or mobile device.


SCADA systems - Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition - improve the efficiency of the monitoring and control process by providing the current state of the system in good time, through a series of animations, forecasts, graphs and reports, so that appropriate operational decisions can be made, either automatically or at the operator’s initiative.


The Shipping Management System - SGE - brings together all the functions needed to manage the shipping process in an efficient and controlled manner, namely: Command and supervision of various shipping lines; Management of loading order lists; Definition of the type of start for each loading order; Shipping maps.


The Silar Occupancy Management system (GOS) provides a set of essential functions for managing the entry and exit of products in the Raw Material (MP) and Finished Product (PA) silos in an efficient and controlled manner.


The GRP software, developed for production ratio management, offers all the tools needed to visualize, control and manage the grain milling process.
GRP’s highly flexible architecture allows it to be integrated and interfaced with existing equipment such as PLCs, weighing devices, frequency converters and others.


Through a simple and intuitive user interface, the user can fully and exhaustively exploit all these capabilities. However, because KONDOS is an open system, it can be configured and adjusted to suit the client and their needs, guaranteeing the best possible use of the resources already on their premises.


The Remote Weighing Control System (SCPR) ensures real-time stock management in your customers’ raw material silos.
The system allows you to anticipate stock-outs, assess average weekly consumption, control the date/time of receipt of raw materials, among other added-value features.


The strong dynamism and competitiveness that characterize the current economic context make it imperative for industries to invest in traceability systems, as a way of responding to consumer demands for information (through the implementation of EAN coding standards), and in parallel, ensuring greater confidence in the quality and safety of products or services (through the implementation of HACCP standards - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).


Application for configuring messages and animations on a 2-line monochrome graphic display. This simple and intuitive application can be integrated with production supervision or management systems to provide a wide range of information, from production to vehicle fleet management for loading or unloading. It can also be used with security and alarm systems.