Closed solutions.

Containerized bean cleaning units (UCLF)

This unit is widely used to establish a high and homogeneous quality standard for a total or partial harvest. That’s why we use equipment and materials in this unit so that the final product can be distributed to industrial production sectors.

It consists of a processing line where transport equipment and sorting, pre-cleaning, stone separating and dedusting machines are used to sort the beans. This makes it possible to exclude all traces of vegetables, leaves and impurities, to sort and select beans that are unsuitable for consumption, and in the end to obtain a qualitative selection of beans for later use in processing or packaging processes.


  • easily removable so that the system can be used in different locations near the growing areas and thus provide high productivity
  • reduced production costs as there is no need for major logistical movements of the product.
  • durability, resistance and work
  • line of work that defines higher food quality and automates various segments, increasing production and potentially boosting sales.
Containerized milling units (CMU)

These Wheat, Corn or Rice processing plants have been designed and engineered for the production of small batches of product.
They are pre-installed installations, compact in design and can therefore be supplied containerized or installed in small spaces. These lines are normally used by small-scale family farmers.
Easy to maintain. The open structure allows visual inspection of the process and easy access.
High performance using the same technology found in large-scale mills.

Containerized granulation units (UCG)

Bran Pellet: The compact, modular pelletizing unit is supplied pre-installed and ready to use, simply fed with the respective utilities.
With the compact granulation unit you get a 100% automated operation, with the equipment mounted on a low-cost installation structure, reducing investment in civil works.
This technology consists of equipment and machines identical to those used in high-production pellet plants.

Wood Pellets: The production of wood pellets through a compact, modular unit is developing a product of renewable origin. The pellet is a renewable, clean and efficient energy source, resulting in a solid fuel from forest biomass and waste generated in wood processing.
This plant can be installed in any area without the need for any kind of warehouse. It is easily removable and can therefore be used in different locations wherever necessary.