Tecnimil specializes in electrical installation projects. We provide the best technical solutions to rationalize costs, minimize the need for maintenance and save energy.

Our projects always take into account the safety and quality of the installation to ensure rational use of the resources used and compliance with all regulations.


TECNIMIL plans and carries out electrical installation work, such as:

  • Electricity projects, low, medium and high voltage;
  • Revision of electrical installations;
  • Lighting studies;
  • Domestic, industrial and service electrical networks;
  • Fire detection networks;
  • Security networks against intrusion;
  • CCTV networks;
  • Access control networks;
  • Electrical installations for production and transformation lines.

In addition to these services, we are able to execute

  • Installation of electrical panels;
  • Repairing electrical panels;
  • Installation of sockets;
  • Installation of doorbells;
  • Electrical troubleshooting;
  • Installation of lamps;
  • Change of power supply;
  • Among others.