Renewable energies are nowadays the best and cheapest way to obtain energy in certain situations

Tecnimil can design, install and maintain solar thermal, photovoltaic and wind systems. It also has the know-how of the technology associated with renewable energies and has the necessary knowledge to help its clients create and implement the technical solutions best suited to their needs.

Tecnimil bases its work in this area on a model of research, search and constant development adapted to the needs and objectives of its clients, and is geared towards obtaining the following materials and services:

  • Materials, equipment and accessories for all types of renewable energy installations (solar and wind).
  • Producing technical studies, developing and executing both thermal and photovoltaic solar projects.
  • Carrying out project installation and maintenance of these thermal and photovoltaic solar energy installations.

Other sources of renewable electrical energies, that Tecnimil designs and provides its customers with knowledge of integrated systems:

  • Biomass
  • Hydropower
    As part of these activities, our company can help its clients to obtain energy consultancy studies and renewable energy solutions.

Production of solar energy

  1. 1 Reduce your electricity bills now
  • Enjoy immediate payback from subsidies
  1. 2 Experience energy independence
  • Protect your family from rising energy costs
  1. 3 Maximize your roof top
  • Our panels are designed to maximize ROI in space-constrained situations
  1. 1 Cut your electricity bill and protect your company from rising energy costs
  • Generate revenue with subsidies for renewable energy.
  1. 2 Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Meet your sustainability goals
  1. 3 Maximize your roof
  • Our panels are designed to maximize ROI in limited space situations
  1. 1 Reliable energy source, reliable investment
  • The sun is the world’s most abundant energy resource. Solar energy offers predictable daily production that complements peak energy use. Solar power plants offer a clean alternative to traditional power plants and pay for themselves over time.
Solar street lights

In the field of outdoor lighting, solar lighting is developing rapidly. The solar lamp, the solar landscape lamp and the solar lawn lamp have always been seen and have become the highlights of green lighting. In addition, solar lighting is becoming increasingly popular for people from all walks of life.

Solar Pump

The solar water pumping system is the popular method of supplying water in sunny regions all over the world today, especially in remote areas with no electricity or a lack of electricity. The system works automatically at sunrise and stops at sunset with solar energy.
It doesn’t need to be monitored and can reduce the amount of maintenance to a minimum. It is therefore the ideal green energy system integrated with economy, reliability and environmental benefit.